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Love your production diary! It's neat to read about your creative process and to have the opportunity to track all the exciting moments leading up to the production of your new show. Esther and I are thrilled that our "wickedly cool" Tim Biskup Helper made it onto your site. Woo-hoo!

Hope all's well.
Best wishes,

golden girl

Hey Bob,

Loved reading the beginning of your production diary. It's a great way for us to taste a bit of all that you're experiencing.
I'm looking forward to your next log.

Guess you're not all that far away from us after all.

If you need help coloring those white office know who to call. :)



Hi Bobby!

Thanks for mentioning me as an important person in the development of "Wibby, Wudget, and W...whatchamacallit." Just kidding. I still can't believe you had to change the title of the comic from "Flopsy, Mopsy, and Ted" to "Wubby, Widget, and Walden." "Flopsy, Mopsy, and Ted" is so much more original and 'natural'.


Thanks Vivi!
It is so cool that all of this started with me and you just having fun coming up with stories.
Even though the name has changed I hope that the show will still have the same fun and energy that we had when we did our little comic.
Oh and by the way , you're an AWESOME niece!

Glen Bosiwang

Hi Bob!

I've loved to see you doing a show for Nick Jr. (although I have no idea what the title is) so I'll definitely check that out!

- Glen!


Hey, uh....isn't this


As an aspiring artist and animator your blog has been an inspiration. Interesting to read that people are still attempting to use Flash as an animation tool.

I'm confused though: you had to leave Nickelodean to do a project for Nick Jr that's produced by Film Roman??

Best of luck with everything...


Thanks Brad!

Yeah Flash is being used by a lot of people these days. A great web site to check out to see what's happening with Flash is:

And I had to leave Nickelodeon because although the show will air on Nick Jr. it is not being funded by Nick Jr.

It is being produced by Bolder Media and IDT Entertainment. And Film Roman is part of the IDT company.

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