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Sato-chan rules!!

This site is awesome! Yay!

PS--Lorna wants a character named after her. So do Christopher and I.

Sincerely, Your now 14-year-old Co-creator!! :)


I've seen and lusted after owning that exact elephant thing downtown in Little Tokyo (on 2nd St.) for years--the ones I've seen in that particular shop have a big ol' sign on them that says "THIS IS NOT FOR SALE! DON'T ASK!" ; )
How the hell did you guys score one? I'm jellus'!


My girlfriends Aunt had a friend that tracked it down on Japanese E-Bay.
Lucky me!


Yes, I know ALL ABOUT Sato-chan....I've been trying to get one of those forever....and half of my family LIVES in Japan! What the---? Your connections are a little more resourceful than mine, apparently!

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