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My boys LOVE Wubbzy! I absolutelly loved when I saw this!

Just next x-mas?????

what about easter??? pls pls pls?
pretty pls?

the rainbow wig is awesome - the tea party epsode outfits are cool too...
so it's the one Walder wants to be "cool"


ps.: Widget is much bigger then Wubzzy on TV - I thinl it should be the same way - just my opinion - not that you asked lol lol


I was wondering if they will issue some Wubbzy halloween costumes for this fall? I think it would be great fun. How about a Wubbzy one with a bendy tail on it!


This is just too cool!

I hope you will let us know ASAP when these are ready for sale.

And yes.....costumes would be terrific!


Those are to halarius----
are those pink donuts on widget?!!! Brilliant-
My son is gonna love these-- every morning he wakes me up jumping around singing wow wow wubbzy----


Our family loves your show! I have a 22 month old daughter and a 9 month old son. My daughter sings along to your songs, she talks about the characters while eating in her high chair, she draws them on her magna doodle, and her ball isn't a regular ball anymore it's a "kickity kick ball"! Even my son smiles and bounces when wubbzy comes on. It is so nice to have such a cute entertaining show with great lessons that I actually like to watch with them! I was hoping to get them some Wubbzy toys for their Wubbzy themed double birthday's in May, but I guess we'll have to wait until Christmas. I missed out on the bookfair plush and book since they're not in school yet... Oh and it's awesome that you have They Might Be Giants and Kidrobot links on here!


Our almost 3 year old loves your show (frankly my husband and I do too) and I was searching for some birthday party plates and napkins when I found this blog. Those toys look amazing. I can't wait to get them for her. We were disappointed when Noggin changed the 8 pm showing to later because we always watched it right before bed but now we just tivo it.

Keep up the good work


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I love the characters. Iwould like to know if this items are for sale now. I would like to get one for my son


I love the characters. Iwould like to know if this items are for sale now. I would like to get one for my son


I would buy both of these for my daughter!!! She LOVES the show. I would love a Wubbzy or Widget Halloween costume too! She wants a pair of Widget's "pink pants" LOL


I have seen all the other toys on Amazon except these . . .any idea when they will be available?


are these still coming, or have they been tossed? We want them for christmas for our son . . .but that's only a couple weeks away!

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