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William Noetling

You might want to mention any bonus offers that you become aware of. My copy that I bought at Target had a CD Soundtrack with 8 songs from the show - similar to the CD that was included with copies of "A Tale of Tails" that I purchased at K-Mart when it was released.

Anthony D.

I'm really looking foward to that new episode found on the The Pirate Treasure DVD! A little advice: In the future, present the episodes in their original widescren format with bonus material for both family and fans. Thanks! :)
One last thing, Wubbzy's Big Movie will be released on DVD this May. Is there any chance that the film will be presented in widescreen on DVD?

Christy Montijo

Any chance a seperate music CD will become avaliable? My little girl (who'll be 2 next week) is absolutly in LOVE w/ all things Wubbzy and I would REALLY love to have a music CD for the car!

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