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Bob Speakman

That's my girl! :)

Karen Connelly

I am 10 years old but I love Wubbzy. He's so cute and funny! My daddy's brother, Stampboy, (his real name is John) also likes Wubbzy and it's such a favorite among his friends at work that they changed the slogan to "That's not supposed to happen!"

Karen Connelly

I'm a lot like Wubbzy. I like to chase "flutterflies," sometimes in gym class we was play "kickity-kickball" and I refer to the berries on Grandma's U-bushes as "doodleberries!" I'm like Walden, too, because I'm a science genius, a bookworm and a talented artist. And Daddy's like Widget--he can fix anything!

Karen Connelly

Oh, and one more thing. When I go swimming with Uncle Dick or Aunt Kathy's, sometimes I pretend to be a "whaley-whale!"

Karen Connelly

Wow! Wow! Did you know that in "Wubb Idol," there's a talent pageant? I love talent pageants! And when we have a Scholastic Fair at school, I have to get a Wubbzy book. And Friday night, I made a Lego sculpture of Wubbzy!

Karen Connelly

My 7-year-old sister Paula and I have Wubbzy books, toys, DVDs, and I even decorated a pumpkin in the "Dress a Pumpkin" contest in the Enquirer to moke it look like Wubbzy. I even dressed one of my plushies as Daizy!

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